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Whether you are behind on bills, have an unexpected expense or simply want to take a vacation – ZenithLoans provides the fastest access to the funds you need so you can accomplish your financial goals without delay. Once you are approved by a lender in our network, funds are typically deposited as soon as the next business day provided the application is received before 5pm CST.

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Apply Online in 5 Minutes
Once we have connected you with a lender, review and e-sign your loan agreement on the spot. Money is usually deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day.
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Apply Online in 5 Minutes
Once we have connected you with a lender, review and e-sign your loan agreement on the spot. Money is usually deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day.
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Payday Loans: Your Trusted Service That Guarantees Fast Cash

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a loan you receive from a non-bank entity, usually (and most conveniently) a direct deposit loan company. It’s called a payday loan because you usually only borrow enough to get through to your next payday, when you are short of money and certain life’s emergencies present themselves. For instance, you care may be in need of an urgent repair, or an important piece of appliance at home. Naturally, the most urgent cases are those linked to one’s wellbeing and health – it is in such cases that fast payment loans save the day.

Payday loans are marketed especially for people whose salaries are on the smaller side and who find it difficult to make ends meet each month. Loan companies operate under a variety of titles and can take prepaid checks as collateral. In general, they charge a large fee for the loan, which puts interest rates very high, some prices are as high as four hundred percent. Many states are working on implementing regulations to help consumers who rely on these loans.

Direct Deposit Payday Advance: How It Works

Payday loans are easy to apply for. Lenders earn their revenues through the fees and the fact that many customers return again and again. The company is motivated to offer a much needed service to people who may need some help from time to time, but the amount that it makes on each loan is very high. This is why finding a lender with affordable fees is so important.

1. Applicant provides a valid ID confirming they are of age, employment income confirmation, and the details of bank account they want to receive payment with direct deposit to;

2. Borrower fills in and submits application form that contains personal and contact details about the person applying for a loan;

3. The loan company processes the application within an hour and gets back to the applicant with either rejection or approval;

4. If the approval is granted, the applicant receives the money either to their bank account.

This is where our company steps in, offering customers the best terms for receiving easy, fast, cheap and guaranteed payday loans. It works like this: here at you can send an instant request to 200 best U.S. lenders and receive the best offers in under 30 minutes. Having chosen the best terms, you will be able to conveniently fill in an application and get the required sum of money to your account.

When I am approved, how do I get my money?

The borrower presents bank information to the lender, and right after signing the contract the lender transfers money into the applicant’s bank account with the help of direct deposit; in this way, money sitting in the account becomes available on the next day. This system provides an extra layer of convenience, since the borrower can pay for the required products or services using their credit card or drawing cash from an ATM.

The need to wait for a paper check to be received via regular post or driving to the company’s office to receive cash is taken out of the equation. This is convenient, simple and transparent. The client is in control at every stage of the operation.

What is credit score?

Credit score is a measure of the ability to pay off one’s debts, such as loans and invoices. The measure is used by the creditor to assess the ability to pay by the debtor and can be applied to individuals as well as companies and countries. A high credit rating implies a low risk that the debtor does not fulfill the payments on its debts and vice versa. The assessment is usually done by the lender and a thing like loans with no credit score checking is virtually non-existent.

On the other hand, a low credit score does not mean you cannot qualify for a loan; on the contrary, numerous companies we work with specialize in giving loans to applicants with bad credit history. Most likely, such borrowers will be charged slightly higher fees, but this is explained by higher risks on the lender’s side.

As you qualify for a loan and repay it timely, your credit score will automatically improve and as of the next loan you will enjoy better terms. The message to take home is, apply for a loan at our site, and our service will choose the best individual offer especially for you among scores of lenders – all under a couple of minutes!
Nowadays one doesn’t have to fax the documents or signed contracts – everything is done online, and e-contracts are widely employed; in case lender asks for any additional documents, they can be sent from a smartphone, or scan and send them via email.

We remind you that the requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for a payday loan are:
1. Age 18 and older;
2. Valid ID;
3. Employment / income confirmation;
4. Valid account in a bank;
5. Valid email and phone number

Take-home message

At this time, payday loans are the most flexible and accessible financial instrument for rank and file applicants. One does not need to present statement of an account, deposit or collateral. You can basically apply for a loan and receive the money within 24 hours, without the need to interrupt your routine or leave your office.

We fully realize the importance of finding a reliable financial partner, that’s why we guarantee safety and confidentiality of personal data. We cooperate only with verified and dependable U.S. lenders having high ratings among population and are licensed by the state they operate in. It is thanks to this winning strategy that our service is one of the best possible partners in receiving emergency loans.

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